Mom's Hustle and Bustle

Never before in history has it been more difficult to be a mom than in today’s hustle and bustle society. Discuss your thoughts on this issue and relate your mom’s overall life effort to your family.

My mom's overall life effort to my family is a lot. She is waking up at around five in the morning which is pretty early for you too. Sometimes Mother has to do extra charts for her work at the hospital. Then, my mom takes a shower for about thirty minutes. First things she does when she gets out of the shower is to brush her hair, warm up her neti pot water for two minutes, and if my mother has some extra time she will curl her hair. Next thing she does is to take her medicine for asthma. Then she will wake me up at about six. She is now making my breakfast. The next thing my mother does is the dishes. Then she will brush her teeth. Now she has to bring my brother and I to school.
— Grace M - St. John's Lutheran School | WAUWATOSA, WI

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