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Jeopardy-Style Civics Game - Interactive Game Rules

To begin, click on a point value in the category of your choice.

The Interactive Game can be played without choices, with choices, or both.

NewzBrain recommends that for scoring purposes teams be given double the score for answering without choices or teams be given half the score if choices are used to answer correctly.

Specific game rules are found at and the games can be played with two – four teams with captains.

The most popular games are jeopardy style, Las Vegas, Wash, Pigskin and Slam Dunk.

Important note for the teacher: Prior to beginning you will need to print the Interactive Teacher’s Answer Key for that week available after you login.

The game board offers three class discussion questions per week. Also, available to you is a print version of NewzBrain which contains 35 extra questions.

For your information, NewzBrain hosts an interactive Quiz Bowl Challenge every week of the school year.

Jeopardy-Style Civics Game - Options


Answer Choice Options:

* Default: When selecting Default, the question will appear without choices. The players will be able to choose to show the answer choices in order to guess from a list of choices.