What is the National Weekly Potpourri 8-Minute Civics Challenge?

The challenge is designed for students, grades 3 – HS. Students log in to NewzBrain and take a timed 20-question multiple choice test. The test is taken any time between Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Students have a goal to reach a benchmark score to qualify for state and national listings and qualify for an honor awards: President's Award, Patriotism Award, Freedom Award and Mr. News Owl's Honors Award.
  • Each player is allowed one test per week. The testing period is Monday-Friday.

  • The test is 20 multiple choice questions with a 30-second timer for each answer.

  • A perfect score is 400 points. (5) questions are worth 30 points, (5) questions are worth 10 points and (10) questions are worth 20 points.

  • When you are finished your score goes to your teacher/coach or sponsor.

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