NewzBrain products meets the following Educational Standards for your students:

Educational Standards
  • Cooperative learning: Fostering students’ ability to work with and appreciate others.

  • Ethical Reflection: Developing the cognitive side of character through reading and discussion.

  • Students will develop social studies skills that responsible citizenship requires. Including the ability to formulate an informed, carefully reasoned position on an issue.

  • Students will apply geography to interpret the past, understand the present by relating current events to the physical and human characteristics of places and regions.

  • Through cooperative team learning, the students will train to respect and care about each other and each other’s opinions.

  • Students will effectively communicate in small groups supporting other members to achieve team spirit.

  • Students will enhance and better understand Science using current events questions to recall or recognize important information in the world of science.

  • GIFTED Ed: Create a learning environment for the gifted student to be challenged by current events promoting self-awareness, lifelong learning and self efficacy.