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Our Premium NewzBrain allows parents to play in our Weekly Quiz Bowl Challenge and compete with their child(ren). In order to sign up, if your student participates in the Quiz Bowl Challenge, they can give you a unique code.

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About Us

We are a lifelong learning quiz and national academic challenge curriculum helping students and adults to think globally.

What We Provide

Jeopardy-Style Civics Game

The popular Jeopardy-Style Civics Game is for elementary, middle and high school classroom use.

Quiz Bowl Challenge

We also organize and sponsor the Quiz Bowl Challenge for grades 4-12.

Students play against students. Teachers and parents also can play in an adult division!

Our Contacts

NewzBrain Education
College View Station
PO Box 6544
Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone: 402-944-7300
Fax: 402-944-7301