April 21 - 25, 2014
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My favorite sports movie is The Longest Yard. It was a very funny movie. It had some of my favorite actors in it.
Joe G. | Rappahannock High School
Undefeated, because it is a great story about a high school football team that goes from worst to first because the coaches and players mature.
Hunter N. | Rappahannock High School
My favorite sports movie would have to be The Blindside, mainly because it is the only sports movie I have ever watched.
Jackson N. | Rappahannock High School
Colorado School
I think that the girl should be able to go to school even if she shaved her head because she was just trying to be like her best friend who had cancer.
Tanner M. | Dodge Elementary School
Colorado School
They should let her back in school because she is one of those girls who would sacrifice herself for her best friend.
Grace B. | Dodge Elementary School
Colorado School
I think the poor little girl needs to learn in school. She also just wanted to be like her friend. I don't see anything wrong with that. I would do it.
Nikolas P. | Dodge Elementary School
Colorado School
Yes, because there is nothing wrong with shaving your head, and she was trying to support her friend who has cancer. That is like saying that short people should go in different grades because of their height.
Elizabeth S. | Dodge Elementary School
National Coins
I would put someone on it who had a positive affect on the country, like a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Izzy F. | Bethlehem Lutheran School
National Coins
If I could put anything on a coin, I would put something that resembles the wars we have been in. This would remind us of everything we have been through and everything we have overcome.
Madison R. | Bethlehem Lutheran School
National Coins
I would put our first black president, President Obama, on one side of the coin. He represents how far we have come in our nation. I would put McDonalds on the other side of the coin. I would do McDonalds because it is something very American, but ...
Emily F. | Bethlehem Lutheran School