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Our Jeopardy-Style Civics Game

Our Our Jeopardy-Style Civics Games promotes fun and engaging learning!

Used best as a daily bell ringer activity or as a weekly team game activity!

  • 3,600 Q&A over 40 weeks!
  • Q&As include current affairs and also fun relevant trivia.
  • A new print and interactive version every week with all new Q&As.
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Our Jeopardy-Style Civics Interactive Game
Player Rankings

Player Rankings allow you to see your students rankings among others!

Player Rankings

After students take the 20-question quiz, it generates real-time results!

Player Rankings

Power Rankings allow you to see your schools performance nationwide!

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Our Quiz Bowl Challenge

We at NewzBrain value our teachers, students, and parents input as we work to make learning fun providing Grades 3-12 students a learning academic competition based on civics, geography, history, math, science, language arts, spelling, arts and sports.

Our Quiz Bowl Challenge allows students to be engaged and compete on a weekly basis from school or at home.

We provide teachers and/or parents a tracking grade book to see the scores in real-time and encourage the teacher/parent each week to discuss all Quiz Bowl questions after student participation in the event. Make Quiz Bowl an important weekly learning opportunity for your classroom!

  • Real-time scoring & results
  • 20 question updated quiz
  • Remote access, play from your phone or computer
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No Teacher Preparation!

  • Each week, a new 20 question Quiz Bowl Challenge is available for your students!!
  • Each week, a new 70 question Jeopardy-Style Civics Game is available in both print and interactive formats!

Quiz Bowl Challenge Gradebook

  • The Teacher Gradebook is automatically updated when a student competes.
  • Quickly see students' answers right from the Gradebook!
  • Certificates are available for awarding the students based on their Quiz Bowl Award.
What teachers are Saying
NewzBrain motivates kids to learn more about current events. The online weekly quiz is an effective way to help kids evaluate their own learning. We use NewzBrain in conjunction with other media resources on a weekly basis. After our discussions, kids feel better prepared to take the quiz, with good results.

Jane Williams

Independence Elementary School, Independence, OH
I am writing to tell you how NewzBrain helped a student in my classroom go to the State National Geography Bee (as a 4th grader which is unusual) and answered many of the Current Event questions because we do NewzBrain every day!

Hariet Dehlinger

Grand Marsh School, Grand Marsh, WI
It was really great to see the kids so excited about world events! My students say they are excited about understanding the conversation at the dinner table and parents say how refreshing it is to have conversations with their children about today's events. I won’t miss NewzBrain for anything!

Tracey Withrow

North Star Elementary, Nikiski, AK

About Us

We are a lifelong learning quiz and national academic challenge curriculum helping students and adults to think globally.

What We Provide

Jeopardy-Style Civics Game

The popular Jeopardy-Style Civics Game is for elementary, middle and high school classroom use.

Quiz Bowl Challenge

We also organize and sponsor the Quiz Bowl Challenge for grades 4-12.

Students play against students. Teachers and parents also can play in an adult division!

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