(Jan 16, 2017) DEMO - National Weekly Potpourri Challenge

RULES: You may not have help while taking part in the Potpourri Challenge. You may not use notes, a search engine or another person.

  • Each player is allowed one quiz per week. The quiz period is Monday-Friday.

  • The quiz is 20 multiple choice questions with a 30-second timer for each answer.

  • All questions will be from core curriculum. The quiz is not intended to be easy, this is a challenge activity!

  • A perfect score is 400 points. (5) questions are worth 30 points, (5) questions are worth 10 points and (10) questions are worth 20 points.

  • When you are finished your score will qualify for an award. (NewzBrain, Freedom, Patriotism or the highest award, the Presidential Award)

  • Your score will also give your school grade level team Power Points. Your score will be part of your School Team's Power Rankings against other schools around the nation.

  • There are weekly stickers for your award levels. See your teacher or principal to receive your weekly award.

  • Good Luck! Come back each week to better your score and help your team be in good standing against schools around the nation!

  • You are playing for best score in your classroom and for your overall School Grade level Team Power Points. You may not share questions and answers with other players.

  • Answers to the Potpourri Challenge will be posted at your home page next week.

Below are the Potpourri Challenge Awards:

Award Minimum Score Maximum Score
NewzBrain Award 100 150
Freedom Award 160 220
Patriotism Award 230 290
President Award 300 400