(Jan 13, 2020) DEMO - Potpourri Civics Challenge

Mr News Owl

What is the Potpourri Civics Challenge?

The challenge is designed for students, grades 3 – HS. Students log in to NewzBrain and take a timed 20-question multiple choice test. The test is taken any time between Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Students have a goal to reach a benchmark score to qualify for state and national listings and qualify for an honor awards: President's Award, Patriotism Award, Freedom Award and Mr. News Owl's Honors Award.
  • Potpourri is a new, dynamic way to stress Civics Education - a fun competition in the school.
  • Students play on school tech or personal devices. Real time results make it fun!!
  • Teacerhs / GT / SS coordinators will play also, as it is important that teachers take the same module as the students.
  • Potpourri is a 20-multiple choice quiz. Quiz time is 5-8 minutes. A Perfect Potpourri Score is 400 points.
  • A new challenge begins every Monday morning, Grade levels have benchmark scores for success.
  • Real-time results by Grade Level. Students love classroom, school, state and national rankings. Immediately!
  • Students in your school/disctrict will be connected playing the same weekly event.
  • Rules are firmly established for validity; teachers are asked to monitor that students are following the Game Rules.

For GT teachers who travel the district, a wonderful thing is that you do not have to be with the students for them to play. Teachers get notifications after one of your students plays Potpourri and you get their score! This is great for teachers who have limited time with students each week, but want to add innovations.


  1. You may not use notes, a search engine or another person.
  2. You may not use your phone to get answers while testing.
  3. If you’ve already seen the Weekly Civics Quiz from a teacher, another student or parent, you are not allowed to test that week.
  4. Each player is allowed one quiz per week. The quiz period is Monday-Friday

Below are the Potpourri 8-Minute Civics Challenge Awards:

Award Minimum Score Maximum Score
NewzBrain Award 100 150
Freedom Award 160 220
Patriotism Award 230 290
President Award 300 400