Facebook Friends vs Real Friends

Scientists have found a direct link between the number of Facebook friends a person has and the amount of real friends a person has. Do you think this is true? Discuss.

I think Facebook should be allowed. I know that several people are addicted to Facebook, and other apps/games. You should start thinking about setting limits for your Facebook time or your favorite game. Trust me, it could end badly. Now I don’t hate Facebook. I just don’t think people should be on Facebook more than they make eye contact with their family or friends. Like I said above, you should try to balance your Facebook time with your everyday life activities like: studying for a test, doing chores, making a lunch, buying groceries, and getting ready for sports games. If you still can’t stop your addiction of Facebook, then just delete Facebook, and start over in a month, or two. Maybe, you’ll lose your addition of being on Facebook, then.
— Felix G - St. John's Lutheran School | WAUWATOSA, WI

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