MRI/PET Scans on Tweens/Teens

Research from PET scans and MRI scans shows the brain of the tween/teen is a “work in progress.” Is this true for you? Discuss.

My brother used to spend a lot of time playing "Rainbows Six Siege", "Fortnite", and sometimes "Roblox". Then, my mom noticed that my brother was spending too much time playing video games. She also noticed that his grades slipped from a B+ average. He even had an F- in one of his classes. My mom soon decided to set a limit for his gaming. The limit was thirty minutes a day. After about two weeks, his grades went up to an A+. Even though his grades were better, he still has the limit of thirty minutes on his Xbox.
— Grace M - St. John's Lutheran School | WAUWATOSA, WI

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