Easter Traditions

This Sunday, Christians celebrate Easter Sunday. In many cultures, it is Easter tradition to wear a special dress to church. Discuss your family’s Easter tradition for Easter garb, services, gatherings and meals.

Every Easter my family goes to my grandma and grandpa’s house. There we open the Resurrection Eggs. These twelve eggs tell the story of Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. We have an Easter egg hunt, have lunch and dinner with our whole family, and spend time together. On Easter Sunday our family will go to the church where my grandma and grandpa grew up,, my mom and dad, and my aunts and uncles, all got married. It’s a special time for our family to gather together and praise our arisen, victorious Savior. “We love Him because He first loved us...(a lot).
— Riley K - St. John's Lutheran School | WAUWATOSA, WI

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