Civics Print Game - Additional Rules and Gameplay Ideas

NewzBrain offers many different game rules that can be used with the weekly questions. The Civics Print Game can be played in short 5-15 minute games or 15-45 minute games.

NewzBrain Owl
  1. Divide the class into two-four teams with captains.
  2. When playing wash, a question is worth one tally regardless of the point value given.
  3. Bonus questions must be saved for the end of the game when the "Wash Question" determines the winner.
  4. Flip a coin to see which team goes first.
  5. Teacher reads four (4) questions from the same category to Team 1. Team 1 has the opportunity to answer all four questions right for four tallies. If Team 1 misses a question Team 2 can immediately answer the question correctly to gain a tally. If Team 2 misses than Team 3 can gain the tally and so on.
  6. After Team 1 is finished with their four questions, the teacher then reads four questions of another category to Team 2. If Team 2 answers all four questions correctly, they gain four tallies. If Team 2 misses any of their four questions Team 3 can immediately answer the questions correctly to gain to tally and so on.
  7. After round one ends, compare the tally points of each team. If the tally points are equal (ex: Team 1 has 3 tallies and Team 2 has 3 tallies) the game continues with two run-off questions for the tied teams.
  8. After round one, if one of the teams leads in tallies they have just won the right to answer a "Wash Question" (Bonus) delivered at the discretion of the teacher. Discretion means the teacher can choose the bonus question from any of the categories within the NewzBrain Weekly game or the teacher can have team(s) behind choose the Wash category. If the team in the lead misses the "Wash Question" the next leading team can answer the "Wash Question" and be declared the winner.

1. Divide the students into groups (4-6 students per group). Each team selects a Captain. The Captain's role is to ask for the team's first question. When that team chooses their next question, move clockwise so each student in the group can pick a favorite category. The Captain's other role is to orally give the answer to the teacher. The Captain is the team spokesperson for the game.

2. The game begins with the Captain of Team 1 asking for a category and point total question. Allow a reasonable amount of time to answer. If the answer is wrong, Team 2 can steal the points if their Captain gives the correct answer. If Team 2 is wrong, it then goes to Team 3 to steal the points.

3. The next question of the game is asked by the Captain of Team 2. When Team 3 has asked their question, Round 1 is over. Round 2 begins when the person sitting clockwise to the Team 2 Captain asks for a new question. The score should be announced after each regulation round.

4. This is quite different than TV Jeopardy because the team that answers correct does not always get the next question. It is possible for a team to steal points and then get the next question, but only because it is their turn.

5. Teachers may find the 80 pt. questions too difficult and may choose to use them for another activity, or choices may be added to make them easier to answer.

6. Depending on reading level, students may be the readers for the game. This is an honor for some students and it gives the teacher a well deserved break.

7. 10-15 minutes before time is up, and after Team 3 has asked for its question that ends the round, call out for last round of regulation.

8. When the last round is over, read off the point totals. The team behind gets first choice of Bonus category. The team in second place must choose a different category, then the leaders get to choose their category. Another way to play the Bonus Round is to have the team behind pick the bonus category for the team ahead.

9. The Bonus questions are worth 200 points each. All other students should be quiet as the team gets their questions. Bonus questions are read one after the other. There is no stealing of points in the Bonus round.

Game Show Jeopardy
Las Vegas NewzBrain

The class divides into two, three, or four teams with each team having a captain.

This game uses the NewzBrain Weekly and scores are totaled with a Las Vegas style risk option.

Team 1 begins the game by asking for a category and a point total question. In the Las Vegas News Bowl game, the team must wager half of the point value of the NewzBrain question they request. If the team gets the question correct, they get to keep all the points, but if they miss the question they lose half the point value (their wager) on their total score. They gambled and lost!!

Example: If Team 1 asks for a Sports question for 80 points, they will get 80 points if they get the question correct, but if they miss the question, their score will go down 40 points.

A fun twist to the Las Vegas News Bowl game is the “Lucky Lady Option.” Using this option, the team that requests the question may pass after hearing the question. They would pass if they think they do not know the answer. The team can pass for a score of "0" points, but they then give the other teams in the game the option to gain half the point value (40 points if it's an 80 point question) if they answer correctly. Because all other teams playing in the game get the option to gain points off of a missed wager, the other teams must answer on scratch paper and hand their answers to the teacher.

Should a team answer their requested question correctly, the game continues with the next team in line requesting a category and point total question and wagering half the amount of the question they requested be read to them. The game continues for 30-45 minutes and points are continuously totaled. The teacher may add the bonus questions to the game with a 50 point value.

Object of the Game: Score the most points in a designated time period of 15-45 minutes.

How Points are Scored: Points are scored by touchdowns, field goals, and extra points. Each question from the NewzBrain Weekly has point totals that are calculated into football field yardage, (i.e. 80 points equals 80 yards). A bonus question follows a touchdown and is worth 1 extra point. Teams can ask for a 10-point question anytime, but if they are on the 30-yard line or less the 10-pointer can be designated for a field goal try that will award their team three points. Once a team scores a touchdown or a field goal, the next team automatically takes possession on their own 20-yard line.

How to Play: Divide the class into 2-4 groups or teams (playing boys against girls is always a popular choice). Each team picks a quarterback (captain). The official team consensus answer must come from the quarterback.

Suggestion: Have a student draw a football field on the erase board for a fun visual aid.

Let’s Kick Off: Flip a coin to see which team gets the football first. Each team begins a possession on its own 20-yard line. The person in the group that chooses the category and yardage question is called the center, "ball-snapper." Each time the team gets a possession the center should be a different person, so each person in the group gets to ask their favorite category question. The team can choose any question from the NewzBrain Weekly with any point or yardage total. The team continues choosing and answering questions until they give a wrong answer or they score. If a team asks for an 80-yard question “Go for the Long Bomb,” they risk missing the question.

What happens when a team misses a question: A missed question constitutes a fumble that is recovered by the next team on the yard line that the question was asked. This is why an 80-yard “Long Bomb” is risky. If missed, the other team will only need to answer a 20-pointer to score a touchdown.  Optional: If a team misses a question allow the next team to correctly answer that question for a safety and 2 points. After the safety, the team scoring the safety get the ball at their own 20 yard line.

How long does the team get to answer a question or reach consensus?
The "huddle" should last 1 minute or less. After one minute, the teacher/facilitator needs an answer from the quarterback.

Goals: Pigskin NewzBrain is a weekly quiz game with questions that children will have fun guessing. If they know the answer, it is great, but the fun is in the educated guessing. The cooperative learning activity teaches important social skills about teamwork and consensus. The secondary goal is great fun in the classroom. Your students will beg to play!!

NewzBrain pointers:

  1. Be sure the children know they are not expected to know all the answers.
  2. Explain that disruptive team behavior will result in the teacher/facilitator throwing a yellow flag for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  3. Explain to the students that questions come to your school weekly.
Pigskin NewzBrain
Slam Dunk NewzBrain

Object of the Game: Score the most points in a designated period of 15-45 minutes similar to the game of basketball.

Setting up the Game: Divide the class into two teams. Choose a jump ball captain for each team. Put a student in charge of the score.

Tip Off: The jump ball captain from each team stands up. The teacher/referee chooses a jump ball question. Whichever player correctly answers first that team gains possession. Another member on that team now stands, selects a question, and requests a free-throw, 2-pointer, or 3-point shot.

How Points are Scored: NewzBrain Weekly 10-point questions are used as free throws and scored as 1 point. 20-point and Bonus questions are used as 2-point shots, while 40-point and 80-point questions are used as 3-point shots.

What happens when a team misses a question (shot)? The opposing team has better rebounding position under the basket. Therefore, when a shot is missed the other team has the opportunity to rebound first. If that team is correct, they have possession and get a chance to score. Another member of the team then selects a new question and moves the ball into its shooting position to continue the game.

What happens if the first rebounder misses? Then the next member of the original team has a chance to rebound. Attempts to rebound continue back and forth between teams until the question is answered correctly. (Options: The teacher/referee may give an additional clue after each rebound attempt. To keep everyone listening, only the original shooter may ask for the question to be repeated or clarified.) If the rebound is brought down by a team member of the original shooter, that team automatically gets 2 points, regardless of the type of original shot.

Ending the game: When class time is done, line the teams up for a "Good game!" sportsmanship handshake.

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